About Us

Jai Madhesh has a vision to form the Software Product useful for day to day activities for Madhesh society. Madhesh has number of Talent Youths from various professional like: Engineer, Doctor, Artist, Social Science. We believe if we are able to gather most of our Talented Youth in one Common Platform; then we will have several approach to solve various problems of Madhesh society.

Let’s move forward by taking Initiative & contributing valuable things for Society.

Our Objective:

–          To Promote the Local Language Literature like: Maithili, Bhojpuri of Madhesh Society.

–          To Promote & Save the Culture, Tradition of Madhesh Society

–          Awareness of  Madhesh History.

–          Encourage the Individual Writers for the Analysis of Madhesh society & Current Situation.

–          Promote the Existing Madhesh based News writers. We have done FREE Integration for some of the existing sites to Our Madhesh Apps in Android. User can read their news in Madhesh App.   http://www.todaykhabar.com/  http://madheshspecial.com/    http://www.saptarijagran.org.np/  http://www.onlinesiraha.com/ 

Jai Madhesh Team invites the Talent & Enthusiastic people to contribute for the Madhesh Society.

Executive Board Members of Jai Madhesh Team

–          Ajay Yadav

–          Surendra Madhesi

–          Pravin Karn

–          Sujit Thakur

–          Shyam Sundar Yadav

–          Kundan Karna

–          Vijay Sah

–          Lokendra Yadav

–          Sachin sah

–          Dr. Rahul Gupta

–          Baidyanath Yadav