Black Buddhas Documentary – By Dr C K Raut

Black Buddhas documentary is directed by Dr C K Raut , a Cambridge PhD and a former US based scientist . Dr Raut has also authored many books Some of them are “Madhesh Ka Itihaas”, “Denial to Defense: An autobiographical account” and “Madhesh Swaraj”.
Black Buddha tells the story of Madheshis , residents of southern plane land of present day Nepal often referred as Terai/Madhesh. The land area of Madhesh/terai is about 17000 sq miles and is roughly 16-17% of total land area of Nepal but it is home to over 51% of total population of Nepal as par census of 2011. The total population of madheshis is about 12 million and cities like Janakpur, capital of This documentary highlights the ancient kingdom of Janak . We can also find the mention of powerful dynasties of great kings of Madhesh like Gautam Buddha and Salhesh.
The documentary also highlights the point that Madheshis are not the natural companions of Nepali rather they have been handed over to Shah rulers of Nepal without taking the consent of Madheshis by British rulers. This documentary is a powerful presentation of the historical facts of Madhesh which otherwise have been in oblivion for long , it also presents the gradual and extreme exploitation of madheshis , specially discussing about the Kamaiyas and Kamlaris of western Madhesh . During the course of documentary , it is also illustrated successfully how the jungles of Madhesh has been gradually cleaned up to create shelter for Nepali immigrants from hilly region and even from Bhutan, Meghalaya, Nagaland etc. It talks about new towns made in the vicinity of madheshis population so as to gradually outnumber madheshis in Madhesh . It depicts the fact that the total population of non-Madheshis in 1950 was <6% which has now gone up to 33%. This documentary is a must watch for people interested in knowing the century old discrimination, racism , torture faced by indigenous madhehsis

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