Democracy for Madheshi

By Kumar Yadav:  It has well been said that geography and psychology are somehow related with each other. As the extreme geographic limit of Nepal lies between India and China, so does the psychology of majority of Nepalese. As we know, India is the largest democracy whereas China up-to now is officially a communist country. No-wonder! Exceptions apart, Nepalese population can also be broadly divided as democrats and communists in terms of political preference. There are various causes beneath (we will discuss it in some other column) but on surface, majority of hilly population in Nepal are of pro-China and anti-India mindset. Down towards Madhesh, majority of Madheshies knowingly or unknowingly are of pro-India and neutral or disinterested about China.
Historically, Madheshies are the backbone of every democratic movement in Nepal. Yet, they have been deprived of so many democratic rights even up to now. The recent state atrocities on Dr. C.K. Raut and his supporters has brought the issue of democracy for the Madheshi at the centre-stage in the minds of Madheshi intellectuals at home and abroad. What is the benefit of voting right if peoples are deprived of alternate political views? Except peaceful manner, there cannot and should not have to be any condition in a democracy. You cannot put someone in jail, just because he is reaching people with his agenda. Defending voting rights to all major citizens of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad had highlighted the faith in people as the back-bone of Indian democracy. Nepalese state should understand that if there are sound reasons for the people to unite for some cause, then their unity cannot be surpassed in the long run just by tackling few leaders or legends. Those in power should learn the fundamental of science that is to get rid of effect you have to eliminate the cause. Hope Nepalese state will have proper understanding of cause and effect and their inter-relationship. Undermining the love of Madheshies for a democracy can dearly cost the power of powerful in long run.