Hollow Nationalism and the Pain of the Earthquakes : Sujit Kumar Thakur

Nepal witnessed one of the deadliest earthquakes in history on 25th of April 2015, a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake and more than 120 aftershocks and again a big jolt of 7.3 Richter scale on 12th May 2015 have completely shattered the morale of common men and women of the affected area. The scale of devastation is yet to be assessed. The death toll would be much more than quoted presently. The scar caused by these deadly natural calamity may not be healed easily. While life goes on, it has to anyways, there are definitely other aspects which need to be discussed with passage of time.
The mountain and Himalayan range of Nepal has a very difficult terrain and it is easily understandable that the most efficient mechanism of relief and rescue would have also found the going tough. It is obvious that given the condition of Nepali economy, it is going to be even tougher. The speed with which International players, in particular India came out in support of Nepal has definitely saved many lives otherwise the situation would have been even worse.
While I do not agree with the way some Indian news channels were insensitive while covering earthquakes, I cannot support the anti-Indian rant by jingoists of Nepal. Any news channel of India cannot be assumed to be the representative of Indian Government or people of India, as far as Indian Government or Indian people are concerned, they have done everything they could to share the pain and agony faced by the victims. The generosity shown by the Indian Government and people of India should be appreciated but the media in Nepal is controlled by hollow nationalists, their only religion has been anti India rhetoric for ages now. It is the same media people or intellectuals who feel proud if a senator in USA wears a duara suruwal while taking oath and feels disgusted when VP wears Dhoti Kurta while taking oath in Nepal. It should be noted here that more than 40% of present day Nepal wears dhoti and Kurta as its ethnic wear. It is in another word sheer insanity.
In fact this kind of jingoism has kept Nepal an extremely poor country in spite of having huge resource of hydro power, incomparable natural beauty and extremely fertile plain land. Handful of people have successfully fooled innocent Nepalese for generations in name of nationalism. The insanity has been professed by those in power and they are still doing so , what is alarming that , every year millions of Nepalese youths leave for a third country as cheap laborers still this hollow nationalism is prospering .
Just imagine , if Nepal would have been progressive enough , if the rulers had been Nationalists in truer sense , what would have been condition today ? Just imagine if the Nepalese state would have been thoughtful enough, then the damages caused by this unexpected quakes would have been lesser. Today if you want to study well in Nepal, you must be in Kathmandu, you want to do business well , you must be in Kathmandu , so the rulers did not bother to develop other parts of the country and hence the beautiful city of Kathmandu became over crowded , the housing were unplanned making it vulnerable to such deadly situation which is being witnessed today . If the state were honest enough , the country would have faced this adversary more efficiently . The relief works would have been more effective in other affected areas but hollow nationalism has created a big roadblock.
India by far has been the biggest companion of Nepal during tough time but see the scene created by the jingoists , I have come to know from some news portals that this time around , the Government of India will not send any assistance unless it is asked for by Nepal ? India had sent its rescue team within 6 hours of the 25th April earthquake but what difference has occurred within a fortnight?? I see only the hollow Nationalism shown by the stupid media and so called intellectuals who are least bothered by suffering of innocent victims of remote areas of Nepal . Those innocent souls just need a caring hand , foreign aids would have been handy but Nepalese authorities have sent all the rescue workers back , India did play a cautious neighbor this time and see who is the loser. I reassert that this hollow nationalism will not yield anything to common men and women of Nepal .