Nepal deadlock Political conflict

By Nikee Yadav
Nepal is on the verge of civil war. The whole southern region of Nepal, Madhesh is closed from the past 60 days but the Nepal Government is not ready to listen to the demands of Madhesi Tharu janjati Indigenous people of Madhesh. The New Constitution of Nepal does not give rights and representation equally to the Madhesi & Tharu communities residing in Madhesh Area of Nepal. More than 60 People has been killed in the Madhesh area of Nepal for the Protest of New Constitution in Nepal. Human Rights has been deeply violated in Nepal.
Nepal Police has shown highest level of atrocity against Madhesi & Tharu community in Nepal from past 45 days. Police has fired bullet on people head, chest and over waist area. But When India Blocked the Border; these Atrocity has been declined drastically. As per India; Border blockage is due to raising issue of lot of violence in recent days in Nepal border area that has killed 60+ people.
There seems to be lot of Concerns from hilly people of Nepal due to Border Blockage from India.
Prices has been sharply increased for all Food & Raw materials in Kathmandu. Transportation system is totally halted for Public in Kathmandu since there is lot of scarcity of petrol in Kathmandu. There is lot of scarcity of Food materials in Kathmandu. Due to these scarcity of situation; Even the Government sector & University has declared one Month long holiday. There seems to be highly dissatisfaction from hilly region people of Nepal due to India border Blockage. Social Media was full of response from hilly region people by trending “BackOffIndia” hashtags for border blockage by India. But When Indian Prime minister Mr. Modi visited Nepal about 6 months ago & donated Fund to Nepal Government; these Hilly people has welcomed Mr. Modi by Saying “NamoModi” in Nepal. There was lot of supporters from Hilly region people for India in Nepal when Border was Opened.
Madhesi people are determined to fight battle for their rights. It seems these protest of Madhesi group will be prolonged until the demand of Madhesi community is met in the New Constitution of Nepal.
There has been protest against New Constitution of Nepal by Madhesi Community all over the world in India, USA, Australia, UK, Middle East country. People has shown the Black Flag in the Facebook Profile Page & slogan as “NotMyConstitution” in Social media.