Renaming of Nepal

By Pravin Karn: Renaming of NEPAL is necessary to end identity crisis. Google out history of change of name of country, you will find many country have changed their name, recent one is burma to Myanmar. Racial discrimination is more of mental problem than legal or constitutional problem. Here name of country sounds in such way that particular ethnic community thinks its their own country because it sounds like their race and that’s why they try enforce their supremacy on other race. This is reason which makes bhtani, sikkimi, darjlingi assami Nepali but Madheshi has to prove their loyalty to wards nepal. If no change of national name, add name Madhesh also as country name. A country can have two name one nepal other Madhesh.
I don’t say this will end all problem of Madhesh but yes surely identity crisis of Madheshi will end. Racial discrimination is more psychological problem than legal or constitutional problem. Legally and constitutionally there is no discrimination on basis of race but in practice it is there. This is because of mindset if people. So change of name will be effective victory over this mind set and paharies to understand that this country by birth is not their only property but is common and mother of all citizen whetherpahari and madheshi. Either name should be changed to neutral one like uttarvars or other or best is nepal should have two name one MADHESH AND ONE NEPAL. This ends primary problem of identity crisis and yes also blow to thos who thinks NEPAL their  Parental property. We need to have awareness program in Madhesh and pahar both for justice equality and unity within country. And we need make all people aware about need of madheshi adhikar, ek madhesh ek pradesh. Prosper Madhesh can make nepal prosper. We need healthy discussion involving all stake holders in nepal irrespective of their cast, ethnicity. Discussing matter only among madheshi is not going to work. We need to engage all stake holders in discussion of Madhesh adhikar. There is no other way than peaceful dialogue, peaceful protest,if required,satyagrah.

Bibidh bhasha bibidh bhesh
Jai maa, maati aur Madhesh