The Madheshi parties merely a collection of expired medicines

By: Dr Mukesh Jha
It is often is said that the expired medicines are of no worth. The medicines which have crossed the expiry date are of seldom use even as waste products—they have no significance at all. In the similar vein, the disregard to the hard-core agenda of Madhesh has made the Madheshi parties merely as ‘expired medicines’ that could not be regarded as a substantive force to represent Madhesh in the Nepali parliament.
“Our goal is to uproot the Madheshi parties completely and to establish a different ideology in its place. The Madheshi parties have always befooled Terrai community. If they don’t correct their behavior on time, they would have to suffer,” said Pashupati Nath Madheshi, a crusader of Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM).
Comparing the Madheshi parties with ‘expired medicines’, Madheshi said, “The Madheshi parties would not be accepted in any gesture in Terrai community as they are just like expired medicines having no substantive value. The narrowing strength of Madheshi parties in the Constituent Assembly (CA) has clearly shown that their devastation has started.”
When asked whether they would lend a hand to Madheshi parties in any pretext just because they also share a Madheshi appearance, another staunch crusader of AIM Mr Sujit Thakur asserted that the Madheshi parties have lost their ground in across Madhesh. “The anti-Madheshi forces, including Madheshi parties, have fully lost their grip in Madhesh. We would not let any anti-Madheshi force revive their activities merely for a political gain. They have befooled Madheshi community since long. Now their countdown has started. At any pretext, Madheshi parties would not be accepted anymore as we don’t find them a sound representative of Madhesh.”
In what being seen as a clear anti-Madheshi nerve, “The Madheshi parties have always misplaced the agendas of Madhesh and echoed Madhesh just for personal gain,” heralds Mr Thakur. In the would-be-independent Madhesh, “the Madhesi parties would have no any space.”
The confused perceptions about associating self with power and lust, is what leads to the situation where hardly any of the political parties, including the Madheshi parties, can stand the test of ideals. And what I firmly believe that the political parties have contested the polls on many occasions and moreover they have tested the political waters from different constituencies. However, they have done very little for the cause of Madhesh. So, the possibility of their revival has become slim in at least hard core areas of Madhesh.
In the similar breath, the doctors and medical persons always suggest to dispose the expired medicines, making sure that it would not harm the environment. As the expired medicines are disastrous to the society at large, the Madheshi parties and their bag & baggage are also catastrophic to the society in similar gesture. So, it would be better if they are uprooted from across the Terrai region. The one, who plays with the sentiments of Madhesh, has no space in Madhesh and we will not leave even a single stone unturned to make sure the defeat of such forces.”